Tabor Rotation Training Series—Secondary


This comprehensive Training DVD, Planning DVD, Planning Resources, Training Guide, & Training Presentation provide the viewer with all the information needed to implement the Tabor Rotation Framework AND plan for it! Visuals include all of the Essential Elements, Effective Planning, and a Typical Week of Tabor Rotation.

Site/School Package: $975, Tabor Rotation Training DVD, Effective Planning for Small-Group Instruction DVD, Tabor Rotation Training Guide,  & Tabor Rotation Training Presentation with exclusive site license for use by one primary or secondary school. District specialists, coordinators, and administrators are licensed only with a school and may only share information with the licensed school.

Special offer available only for individual teachers who attend a Tabor Rotation Institute. 1 Tabor Rotation Training DVD, 1 Trainer’s Guide, & an exclusive individual teacher/classroom license for use by one classroom educator. Please contact for more details or register online for a Tabor Rotation Institute near you.

NOTE: For bulk order discounts, school and group licenses and tax exempt orders by Texas schools and districts, please contact us directly as these orders cannot be processed online.

Licensing: The online purchase of the DVDs, Training Guide, and Training Presentation includes an exclusive user and two-year site license.  Program and group licenses are available and priced differently, subject to discounts per number of users involved. Please contact us for details.

By purchasing these DVDs, Training Guide, Training Presentation, and any related materials you acknowledge and agree that you are purchasing an exclusive site license for the use of the DVDs, Guide, Presentation, and materials, solely by you for your exclusive use within your regular grade level classroom or school in the case of the trainer’s package.  Larger program, district and group licenses are available and are included in the Premium and Elite Packages.

These DVDs, Training Presentation, and related materials may not be copied, resold, broadcast, rented, loaned out or reproduced in any format. The Training Guide may be printed, by the purchaser, for individual or site use only. The DVDs, Training Guide, or Training Presentation–or any idea from them–may not be passed on free of charge for use by any other organization or individual on or at any other site other than the premises of the original license holder/purchaser. Failure to adhere to these terms will void the license and the purchaser’s ability to legally utilize any of the Tabor Rotation Training materials.