Great News

  • Fifth grade students’ scores at Mimosa Elementary, Fulton County Schools, were at 8th grade levels!
  • After one semester of implementation, Manor High School, Manor ISD, saw huge gains with their students and saved them from a low-performing status!
  • Burchett Elementary in Spring ISD shot to the top of their district with distinguished scores & almost 30 commended performances in math in 5th grade.
  • After one year of implementation, Roberts Elementary 3rd grade advanced academic performance scores increased by 9%. 4th graders meeting standards increased by 18% and Economically Disadvantaged student’s scores at 4th grade increased by over 32%!
  • Lake Nona High School, Orange County Public Schools, went to #1 in their district and #10 high school in the state after just one semester of using Tabor Rotation!
  • Tabor Teachers become Teachers of the Year! Some of this year’s winners are Shelby Auman, Teacher of the Year for Mendel Elementary; Ana Perez, Jane Long Elementary; Lori Simmons, Roberts Elementary, Fleming Elementary, Allyson Lara.
  • Sub-populations of schools gain when their teachers are using Tabor Rotation — click and view!
  • The impact of Tabor Rotation, after just one semester of implementation, is AMAZING…click here to see! 
  • Tabor Results PowerPoint    
  • 2011-12 Tabor Rotation Research & Results  

I think our staff will greatly benefit from the training! While I think the differentiation techniques will be beneficial, I hope my participants become aware of the “optimism” in which you depict during your presentation.  At Bilhartz Elementary, you modeled the Rotations for participants to students. While the strategies were excellent, I discovered your ability Continue Reading

Dr. Thomas Cyprian, Principal Brandenburg Intermediate School Duncanville ISD May 1, 2016

I began using the Tabor Rotation Framework my second year of teaching in 2010. With the use of each element of Tabor, as well as guidance from Glenna, my students’ success rate increased dramatically on district assessments. For the first time I felt like I was meeting the needs of all my students. Over the Continue Reading

Kendra Arnold, 1st Grade Teacher Carter Academy Aldine ISD May 1, 2016

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