I began using the Tabor Rotation Framework my second year of teaching in 2010. With the use of each element of Tabor, as well as guidance from Glenna, my students’ success rate increased dramatically on district assessments. For the first time I felt like I was meeting the needs of all my students.

Over the past six years I have seen Glenna’s passion for teaching light a fire in everyone she comes in contact with. She has created a framework that promotes student achievement along with accountability for children of all ages. Her dedication and commitment to each student and campus she works with is so evident. She is always helpful and accessible to any teacher on our campus. Through her trainings and institutions she has established a network of teachers that gather and share ideas from all over the nation.

In my years of teaching I have learned that we are all lifelong learners and with the right tools everyone can be successful. This framework is a tool that can help teachers unlock the door to their students’ full potential. The implementation of Tabor Rotations at our school has changed the way our students will view math for the rest of their lives. Through its creation, Glenna has impacted thousands of students. That in itself is immeasurable.

Kendra Arnold, 1st Grade Teacher Carter Academy Aldine ISD May 1, 2016