In education, we can never have too much inspiration and that’s exactly what Glenna Tabor is in the business of doing, inspiring people to commit to continual growth. It’s very clear when working with her that the growing is not solely intended for the students, but that she strives for each educator to believe that their own growth is a part of their educational obligation to their students.

After attending multiple Tabor Institutes, implementing all three stages of the Tabor framework, becoming a Master Tabor Leader and working with Glenna on our campus many times, she has never ceased to amaze me. She has pushed me and my team to make goals that made us uncomfortable. High goals that at first seemed impossible. What sets Glenna apart, in my opinion, were her actions that followed. After encouraging us to set lofty goals, she sat with us and actually advised our planning of instruction. She asked what our biggest hurdles were and then helped us find a multitude of resources and instructional strategies to use within the framework to help make our goals possible.

The Tabor Framework has changed the way I view education. It has allowed me to implement all the pieces of instruction that I know are best practice. Not only within each lesson can the teacher work through the Concrete-Representational-Abstract model of progression, but the week overall progresses in this same manner. Students are given opportunities to connect with the same math concept in many meaningful ways. They are more confident and engaged problem-solvers because of these experiences. No longer do I have to worry if I am meeting the needs of all the students in my classroom. The framework is built in a way that this is ensured.

That’s really what Glenna does best. She built a structure to ensure student needs are met. When she makes a commitment to you, your team, school or district, she will ensure she follows through. She ensures each individual that they can make a difference and then gives them the tools to set out and actually do it.

Lena Neill, Third Grade Teacher Farrell Elementary May 1, 2016