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SCCTM Handouts for Math Stations & Keynote

SCCTM Keynote Handout: The BIGGEST Idea of All–An Enthusiastic, Effective Math Teacher Making the Most of Math Stations Handout A great, big thanks to all the participants who came to learn about the Top 10 Ideas for Making the Most of Math Stations! Here is the handout requested by...

FREE GAME for Learning Algebraic Expressions in Guided Math

I don’t remember Algebra being fun in school. I don’t remember any hands-on experiences for anything in Algebra–including expressions. So, when I began teaching Algebra I was determined to make it concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract and, above all else, it was going to be FUN! One of the ways I do this...

Inspiration & Motivation

The Power of Listening

I believe in motivation. I believe in motivational speaking. Clearly motivational speaking is popular world-wide. On Google it received 4.3 million results in .71 seconds. I can watch motivational videos on YouTube, read motivational books on my Kindle, and attend a motivational rally. I believe even more strongly in the...

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