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Planning Math with Precision

How do we plan for math with precision? As the graphic below shows, when planning for math, we need accuracy and precision! Let’s look at a real-world example of precision. March Madness is just around the corner. If teams want to make it to the finals, they must focus on...

FREE Math Vocabulary Game, Vocabulary French Fries

“My students knew how to solve the problem! They were just stuck on the math vocabulary words they didn’t know!”   “I never thought of using a math vocabulary game. I just introduce the words before the lesson and have them copy it in their notebooks.”   “My students...

Inspiration & Motivation

Two for Tuesday: Martin’s Big Words & Divergent

Martin’s Big Words: If I could pick one book to read every year on MLK Day, it would be, “Martin’s Big Words” text by Doreen Rappaport and illustrations by Bryan Collier. It’s a picture book, but the illustrations and selected quotes to truly touch my heart in a way...

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